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If you are a real estate rental business that wants to be certified by RentCompare, you must:

  1. Agree to help resolve all disputes presented to this office.

  2. Agree to not engage in illegal or unethical acts.

There is no fee to be certified by RentCompare as a safe real estate rental business to work with. This is a public service by YellowPages Corporation. Please fill out a certification membership below:

Legal Business Name:
Is your business a corporation?

if yes, in what country?
Business License #:

Issued in what region or country? or
Have you ever had complaints by your local or Federal police agencies?
Are you a member of any real estate organizations?
if so, where?

Is there any reason why you would think your application would be declined? We appreciate all honest answers up front as we feel that businesses make mistakes and things happen. Certain things we can look past. However, if you do not disclose them up front we reserve the right to decline your application before or after your application is approved.

(leave blank for none)

I agree to abide by the rules of RentCompare and YellowPages Corporation. Also, by placing the certified RentCompare logo on my real estate website, I agree to help resolve any disputes that are filed against my company.